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What to Expect

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First and foremost get ready to experience the awesome Royal Gorge Bridge, world-class attractions, and some of the best scenery in Colorado! The park is open year round, even holidays. We experience over 300 days of sunshine, and there is always a breeze on the bridge. 

Length of stay: Park hours vary with each season, please check the hours page. The Visitor Center and available attractions are open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The park itself is currently open 7:00 am to dusk daily. 

Peak Tourist Season: 2-3 hours, all attractions open. 

Off-Season: 1-4 hours, limited attractions. 


Climate and Location tips: 

Altitude is approximately 6,700 feet at the park and the region is in an arid climate. We recommend hydrating often and wearing sunscreen, even in the winter! 

Trails and many areas of the park are “hilly” and have uneven surfaces. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended for enjoying the park. 

The park is often 8-10 F degrees warmer in the winter than Denver and Colorado Springs. And, there is always a breeze in the middle of the bridge. 

Parking: FREE for all size vehicles 

Smoking: After suffering the Royal Gorge Fire in 2013, we ask everyone to smoke in our outdoor designated areas only, or in their vehicles, e-cigarettes included. Please do not let ash hit the ground, and be extremely careful with ashes. No smoking permitted in any buildings or on the rides. 

Vehicle Traffic on the Bridge: Limited hours are available for personal vehicles to cross the bridge. No vehicle traffic allowed during special events, heavy pedestrian traffic or adverse weather conditions. Over-sized vehicles such as RV’s, Campers, Buses are NOT allowed on the bridge at any time.        

Bungee Jumping: We have had bungee jumping events off the Royal Gorge Bridge in the past. However, at this time, we do not have any events planned and do not allow bungee jumping off the bridge.

Bighorn Mountaintop Lodge: The lodge is currently in use internally. We expect it to be available for rent this summer season. Please contact rgbsales@royalgorgebridge for more information.           

Handicap Accessible: The park is handicap accessible however it is built on the side of a gorge and we do have some step trails.      

Military Discounts: During Peak Season, we do offer military specials on our General Admission tickets. Thank you for your service!

See the Park Most Efficiently: Keep in mind, it's easiest to take the Aerial Gondola from the north side to the south side and then walk downhill to the bridge rather than walking uphill from the south side of the bridge to the south tram.