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Think Deep 

Imagine this: Two railroad companies were fighting for the right-of-way to bring gold down out of the mountains through the rugged Royal Gorge. Only one company could win and to make sure they would, the Santa Fe Railroad hired U.S. Marshal Bat Masterson and his gang to defend their position while their men laid track along the edge of the Arkansas River.

Or imagine what it must have been like for George E. Cole as he designed and built what was then the world's highest suspension bridge, using only a slide rule, pencil and paper - computers and calculators hadn't even been invented yet!

Recent history not your thing? Then take your students on a field trip three hundred million years in the making at the original Jurassic Park, where some of history's earliest and largest dinosaurs once roamed, including the mighty stegosaurus.

History comes alive for your students during our fun, interesting and enlightening experiences designed for kids of all grade levels. 

Performance locations available within the park.

Complimentary parking is offered for all size vehicles. 

Reservations for groups are required through the sales department. Catering and meal vouchers are also available and are recommended. 

Contact our Sales Department at 719-275-7507 for more information or to start planning your school group outing 

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