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Rides & Attractions

The Royal Gorge Bridge | Visitor Center | Miniature Train  | Waterclock | Plaza Theater & Historical Expo |

Royal Rush Skycoaster | Zip Line  |  Gondola  |  Children's Playland


Your admission ticket allows you peruse the entire park. Most rides and attractions, including the bridge, Visitor Center, Miniature Train, Waterclock, Plaza Theater (and all shows), Gondola, and Children's Playland, are included in your ticket. Please feel free to take full advantage of each of these rides - some more than once if you have time! You are also welcome to use the people mover during your stay at the park. There is truly something for everyone at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park!


Additional pay features include the Zip Line, Royal Rush Skycoaster, a Wax Hand Shop.

Colorado weather is unpredictable at times. It is typical to get afternoon rain storms and these will cause temporary ride closures. Refunds will not be given for these closures.

Click on the individual ride titles above for more information on each attraction. 

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