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Royal Rush Skycoaster

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Royal Rush Skycoaster

The Royal Rush Skycoaster is one the most awesome adrenaline rushes in the state of Colorado.  Imagine a free-fall sweeping you 50 mph to hang momentarily over 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River. You’ll have bragging rights with all your friends as the Royal Rush was named the world’s scariest skycoaster. There is no better way to add a little adventure to your Colorado vacation! 

Open March-September, partial days in October, and Holidays. This is an extra pay feature in addition to the park general admission ticket.  Weather permitting and seasonal ride.



$25 / 1 rider
$45 / 2 riders
$60 / 3 riders


Engineering Facts:

Constructed and opened in 2003

Height: 100 feet

Height Above the Arkansas River:  1,200 feet

Riders:   One to three people harnessed per ride

Speed:   Riders can reach up to speeds of 50 mph

Safety:  Tower and Equipment inspected daily; will not operate during severe weather or winds over 40 mph.


Restrictions apply.  

Height Requirement to ride: 46"

Physical: Riders who are pregnant, who have had recent surgery, or who suffer from back or spine problems should not ride the Skycoaster.